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Moo Camp

About this course

During their stay at Moo Camp, the girls get the chance to practice French, if they wish, although the official language during the camp is English, sports and artistic activities, while at the same time visiting Switzerland and Paris.

This 4-weeks experience leads the girls to make new friends from all over the world and being in contact with different cultures.


8 to 12


Arrival: July 3rd, 2024

Departure: July 27th, 2024


Up to 24 students

Dormitories accommodating 12 to 14 students.

Diplomas and Certificates

Le Châtelard´s diploma

Le Cordon Bleu´s summer course diploma


  • French: 20 periods
  • Le Cordon Bleu cooking: 10 periods
  • Savoir Vivre: 3 periods
  • Leadership skills: 4 periods
  • Dining Etiquette: 3 periods














Trips and Outings


Lausanne, Geneva, Bern ,Gruyere, Vevey, Yvoire (France), Aqua parc, Parc adventure


Strasbourg and Europapark

More Information


List of Clothes

Daily in campus:

  • Outfits (coloured jeans, skirts, dresses. Blue jeans are only permitted out of the
  • academy).
  • Underwear and socks
  • Pyjamas
  • Slippers
  • Sweaters

Off campus:

  • Trousers, skirts, dresses, colored and blue jeans.
  • Walking shoes for excursions to cities
  • One piece swimsuit
  • Shorts (medium length) for water excursions and Disney only.
  • Summer jacket

For sports:

  • One piece swimsuit
  • T-shirts, sweat pants and sweatshirts
  • Sport shoes (gymnastics, tennis, and hikes)
  • Leggings or shorts for aerobics or jogging

Special occasions:

  • Last gala dinner and closing ceremony: casual summer dress


  • Mini-skirts, shorts, deep v-necked shirts, short shirts, tight or transparent clothes, blouses with thin straps or bare shoulders.
  • Piercings and tattoos are not allowed in the Academy.


Le Châtelard provides the necessary towels and bedding and the Le Cordon Bleu Jacket.

Le Châtelard washes the campers’ clothes that are machine washable. Intimate garments are not washed by Le Châtelard. Ironing service is not provided; however, campers learn to press their own clothes. Dry cleaning service is not included. Campers who wish for this service will pay it from their personal account, Le Châtelard will only deliver and collect the clothing. Since dry cleaning service is very expensive, it is recommended that campers bring very few clothes which will require this service.

Please consider temperature variations during the day in the mountains (between 12°C and 25°C) this is why we recommend a Summer jacket.

Moo Camp Schedule


Wake up




Room Cleaning/Free time


I pray
















Showers/Free time




Night Activities


Night Talk


Lights Out


Wednesdays and weekends schedules vary depending on the outings

General Disciplinary Rules

General Disciplinary Rules.

1. Rules and procedures help campers forge virtues, habits and ensure that each person receives her due respect. Campers should know and understand the rules as means for their formation. The Camp forms its campers with respect and sensitivity in a family environment conscious of the needs of each person. Adherence to the Camp rules will assure growth in maturity, independence, courtesy, respect and personal organization within each camper.

2. Each camper is encouraged to become an Outstanding Camper.

3. Each camper should seek to give the best of herself and be willing to make full use of the opportunities offered by the Camp so as to become a person of integral formation.

4. The Camp encourages parents to help their daughters see the connection between external discipline and the formation of virtues and habits. The Camp depends on parents to motivate and encourage their daughter to see the value achieved through discipline. For this reason, the staff asks parents to whole-heartedly support Camp’s rules and procedures.

5. Campers are expected to be well behaved and well groomed both on and off campus.

6. Campers are expected to be punctual, follow the Camp’s schedule and practice good time management.

7. Campers are organized according to age and maturity. Campers should be with their group at all times.

8. Respect is to be given to the teachers and to fellow campers at all times. Campers are encouraged to actively participate in classes, offering input in a polite and courteous manner.

9. Personal belongings must be neat and orderly.

10. No food or drinks will be permitted in the classrooms or bedrooms.

11. In order to help the campers focus on the Camp’s program and take full advantage of it, we recommend them not to bring any electronic devices to the Camp except their mobile phones (which they will not have with them all the time).

12. Campers should refrain from bringing valuables to the Camp. The Camp will not be held responsible for articles that are lost or broken.

13. Chewing gum is not permitted at any time in the Camp.

14. Bad language, theft and destroying property is considered as a grave offence and they would pay any damage.

15. Lack of respect towards authority is not allowed.

16. Missing classes is not allowed.

17. The following behaviors will lead to expulsion:
▪ Immorality (in the way a student dresses, speaks, her actions or reading/video material)
▪ Stealing
▪ Leaving the school premises without permission
▪ Alcohol consumption or possession at any time
▪ Drug consumption or possession in any circumstance

The Moo, Swiss and Alumni Summer Camps cooperate with parents in the integral formation of their daughters. These are accomplished through a uniquely personalized program.
The Camp offers each camper the means by which she can forge her character in Christian values in accordance with her potential.
Through positive motivation, personal attention and constant supervision, the Camp helps campers identify and develop their own talents and skills.


Going out of the Academy
Girls are always accompanied when going out of the Academy.
If you wish some friends or siblings of your daughter to visit her, please send written permission by email (