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    Our team are all passionate educators and people with values who come from around the world, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge, experience and inspiration.



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    "A year that marked my life forever."

    An incredible experience, which helped me to grow in many aspects. where I learned French, and made friendships for a lifetime. but especially a year where they helped me to be the best version of myself. I feel proud to be able to call Le Châtelard my home.

    - Renata Ochoa, Student 2015-2016

    "As a young woman, Le Chatelard played a major role in my development."

    At the age of 13, being away from home and having the opportunity to travel, changed my perspective on life. I became exposed to different cultures, customs, and personalities. I created lifelong friendships with my boarding sisters and consecrates. I learned the importance of family values and prayer. Being a part of the Le Chatelard community has created so many opportunities for me and I am forever grateful for the people I met along the way.

    - Jessica Gonzalez, Student 2012-2013

    "Without a doubt, Of the best years of my life."

    The classes we had, the trips we made but the main thing, the family we did; Loyalty and companionship. Always at home. The team always empathic, professional, affectionate. Most importantly my spiritual growth and my closeness to God; Always from my hand. No doubt my life would not be the same now without that experience.

    Thank God I had the opportunity to live it.- Paola Murphy, Student 1992-1993

    "Le Châtelard gave me so much."

    Everlasting friendships; unforgettable experiences; the opportunity of learning a new language; cooking classes with the chef; laughter, tears, lifelong memories. It gave me a new family. A new home.

    -Jimena Duclaud, Student 2010-2011

    "Le châtelard helped me to be the best version of myself."

    it was definitely the most fulfilling experience in my life, each day was full of happiness, friends, knowledge and most importantly God. It’s one of those experiences I’m sure I will never forget.

    -Victoria Santos, Student 2018-2019

    "To me, Le Châtelard is my second home. "

    If I had to pick one word to describe my year there would be Gratitude. I am about to get married and I can say that in Le Châtelard I learned many things that will help me throughout my whole life, not only did I learn how to speak french fluently or did I meet my best friends, I also learned that the most important thing in life is to have God by my side. Thank you Le Châtelard for giving me the most wonderful year of my life!

    -Jimena Duclaud, Student 2010-2011

    "My experience at Le Chatelard can only be described as one of a kind."

    On September 9th 2017, I arrived at Le Chatelard as the only Irish girl in a group of over 100 Mexicans, unable to speak a word of Spanish or French. Not only did the language barrier intimidate me, but the cultural and religious barriers too. These girls, who I was going to spend the coming year with, were all very much so connected with their faith and I, barely. On June 15th 2018, thanks to the amazing staff, teachers, consecrated women, priest - Fr. Fergus, and above all the girls, I left Le Chatelard fluent in both, french and Spanish, a relationship with God deeper than human comprehension, and most importantly, I left with my 100+ Mexican sisters, who still to this day, remain my closest friends. I completely changed as a person for the better over the course of my year at Le Chatelard, so much that I barely recognize who I was before. I am so grateful that God, chose me, to go on the journey that Le Chatelard has to offer. It was without doubt the most enriching and productive year of my life. Full of growth, learning and traveling. My time at Le Chatelard is over, but the memories last forever. I wish the upcoming generations the best of luck as they embark on this unique journey and I urge them to savior every moment of it.

    -Coco Healy, Student 2017-2018

    "My year at Le Châtelard was definitely the most important and influential highlight of my high school career."

    The teachers and staff were supportive, helpful, and truly caring about the success of their students. I ended the year with spiritual, social and academic skills that I will carry with me throughout my life. Thank you, Le Chatelard for making my year so rewarding and memorable.

    -Ana Cobian, Student 2017-2018

    "Thinking back, I can honestly say the best year of my life has been in Le Châtelard."

    I met my best friends there, learned many valuable life lessons, visited amazing and unforgettable places and I got closer to God. If I had the opportunity to go back, I wouldn’t hesitate.

    -Eva Marcos, Student 2016-2017

    "Studying abroad for one year in Le Châtelard was a life-changing experience. "

    I met friends I never thought I can now call them my sisters, I learned to take care of myself and become more independent, I got to know different cultures and learned to speak French but most importantly I got to create a stronger and beautiful relationship with God. Le Châtelard helped me to strengthen my values and grow as a person. I wouldn't change this opportunity for anything.

    -Eugenia Morales, Student 2015-2016

    "My experience at Le Châtelard is, was, and forever will be one of the most precious moments of my entire life."

    Le Châtelard thought me how valuable I am in God's eyes, it showed me how strong I really am, and most importantly it made me the woman I am today. A woman who fears Christ, seeks Christ and is deeply, purely and completely in love with Christ. Le Châtelard gifted me with sisters that are still in my life today, and I'm sure will forever be. Le Châtelard gave me the opportunity to be myself, my real self. It helped me realize I can do all things in Christ who gives me strength. It also made possible that I can travel the world and know different cultures, different languages and amazing different people. I grew as a person and became my best self. What Le Châtelard gave me is something I will forever be grateful for. It gave me the chance to be better, to be the best version of me. I owe to God that year forever! Without a doubt, it was the best of my life.

    -Sofia Elizondo, Student 2014-2015

    "My year in Le Châtelard was definitely the best gift I could ever receive."

    I had the opportunity to travel with my best friends, to learn a new language, to live in the most beautiful place in the world, and most importantly, to get closer to God. Le Châtelard changed my life in so many ways I could never end to describe them, it was a year full of smiles and experiences. I am proud and happy to say that Le Châtelard became my family.

    -Maria Puente, Student 2015-2016