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Integral formation

Integral Formation

At Le Châtelard, our students´ Integral Formation is our main goal. The harmonious development of the different dimensions of their person is at the center of our program. This formation is divided into 4 different areas of the human person: the Intellectual, Human, Spiritual and Apostolic aspects that we have present at our activities.


Our academic programs are oriented to help them improve their thinking skills such as: analytical, critical and creative thinking, As part of our program, students not only develop the ability to learn and master the French language, but they grow in their skills. During the school year most of their classes are in french, which helps them to attain the French DELF B2 level.


Le Châtelard’s Spiritual Formation Program allows the students to learn and deepen their Catholic faith. They are given the tools needed to form Christian habits and a Christian sense of life. They get to know their faith, to have strong truth convictions and try to be coherent with what they believe and know. They are thus always prepared and ready to dedicate time and energy to transmit authentic Christian values and  grow in their spiritual life. Our goal is that they learn and experience the beauty of the art of Christian living.


The student has the necessary tools to grow in their human environment, such as art classes, Cordon Bleu, mentoring, and especially Savoir Vivre classes (the art of knowing how to live) that includes etiquette, good taste and manners, but above all it focuses on helping each student become the best version of themselves and provides them the means to begin to be so from today.


One of our objectives is for our students to have the desire to contribute to society and the initiative to help those most in need. That is why we give them the opportunity to have apostolic experiences, in order to be positive leaders in society in the future. Through this, they experience that true happiness lies in giving, more than receiving.

We complement and offer different activities such as:

  • Spiritual Retreats
  • Daily Mass (Optional for Jr. High School and High School)
  • Activities to live out the different liturgical times (Advent, Lent, Easter…)
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Preparation to the Sacrament of Confirmation
  • Theology of the Body Seminar
  • Visits to the elderly
  • Missions with the Sick in Lourdes, France
  • Social Work (« Cartons du cœur », « Repas solidaire »,…)
  • Holy Land Pilgrimage

During the year, teachers organize many activities covering different kind of interests:

  • French contests: Speaking, Vocabulary, Verbs, Videos…
  • Art museums and exhibitions: Chillon Castle exhibition and encounters with the painter, Exhibition “SEE-SAW” by Markus Raetz, “Festival Images”, Art Museum of Pully…
  • Cultural visits: to the Parliament, big cities, « Chimiscope » (Discovery and Experiment Lab),…
  • Kitchen Contests: “Macarons” contest, Iron Chef Contest, the Week of the Taste…
  • Sports Tournament
  • Christmas Show