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    Honor List

    Honor List

    The medals which are awarded in the different aspects of the human, intellectual and spiritual formation show the excellence of the integral formation that the girls aspired throughout the year.

    The students who earn the award for best overall average receive no medals in other subjects, given the fact that their good results throughout the academic training are illustrated by the title of excellence.


    Behaviour: best behaviour in class

    Effort: best academic effort achieved in class

    Social Participation: best average and implication of social participation in class

    Savoir-vivre : best average in savoir-vivre

    Catholic Formation:  best average for catholic formation

    Cookery: best average in cookery

    French: best average in French from each class

    Honor Wall:  Students who have obtained at least 9.0 as their annual general average

    Excellence: Students in each group with the best overall average of the year and who have excelled in all fields