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This is based on a two-week course. The first week we have a Pilgrimage to Holy Land. The second week is at Le Châtelard Academy where mother and daughter can live special moments and courses together here.

Le Châtelard, an institution which specializes in the formation of human values for today’s young woman that's why we invite moms to participate in a cultural and personal enrichment and renewal, designed especially for them.


For specific information and dates click here: Savoir Vivre 2020

Details on Pilgrimage to Holy Land


                                           Savoir Vivre Course for Mothers 2017 at Le Châtelard

Savoire Vivre course for mothers 2016 at Le Châtelard




Which is the language of the course? What kind of classes will I have?

Most of the classes will be in English and very few in Spanish.

Classes in English :

  • Cordon Bleu culinary session
  • Image & Style
  • Introduction to Wine tasting and Wine& cheese/chocolate tasting session
  • Napkin folding
  • Flower arrangement

Classes in Spanish:

  • Visit of the chocolate factory
  • Conferences


The mass will be in French and the Homily in English


Which places I will be visiting during the course?

You will go to:

  • Chocolate factory in Broc
  • Gruyères (optional trip)
  • Gstaad
  • Yvoire

What is the price of this week?

CHF. 3,158.—

If you participate in the 2 weeks (Jerusalem and Le Châtelard), the cost is CHF. 4’858.--

What is included in the price of the course?

  • Transportation from Airport to Hotel on June 7th 2017 (Just for moms whose flights are arriving at 16:15 pm and between 17:00 and 18:00 pm.)
  • Transportation by train from Montreux to Les Avants (you will receive a pass from the hotel)
  • 8 nights at the Hotel Suisse Majestic in a double room from Wednesday June 7th to Wednesday 14th
  • Hotel includes breakfast every day
  • For Thursday 15th breakfast is also included
  • Excursion in Broc
  • Visit to Gstaad
  • Optional outing to Gruyeres
  • All the courses at le Châtelard from Wednesday to Tuesday
  • Lunch at le Châtelard
  • If you want a single room, you have to pay extra


At which hotel is the accommodation?

You will be lodging at the


Avenue des Alpes 45

1820 Montreux

0041 21 966 33 00



Is the breakfast included at the hotel?

Yes, the breakfast is included.


At what time is the check out on Thursday 15th June?

You have to check out after your breakfast.


What kind of room is included in the price?

You will be sharing a double room.

If you wish to have a single room, it is possible but you will need to pay

an extra cost of CHF 67.50 per night directly at the hotel.


Is the night of Thursday 15th included in the price?

The night from Thursday 15 th to Friday 16th is not included in the price. If you wish to stay this extra night, you will have to pay it directly to the hotel and advise them at the beginning of the course (because you risk of losing your room for this last night). Le Châtelard can help you by booking the room upon request.


Can I sleep in another hotel?

No, it is compulsory to sleep at the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic in order to have a good arrangement with hotel and to facilitate the logistics.


Can I sleep with a friend or two?

Rooms are double, not triple. If you have any request for your roommate, please tell us.

How can I get to the academy?

You will receive a free card to take the train every day from Montreux to Les Avants or you can take a taxi at your own cost (CHF 25—more or less one way).

Is the transportation on Friday 16th June to the airport included?

If you are going on your own you must pay. It is not included (this taxi) and we can help you in ordering a taxi or to take the train.

But, If you are staying the night of Thursday 15th to Friday 16th (at your own expense), you will have the possibility to go with the group of students who are leaving to Geneva airport on Friday morning (early).


Can I arrive in the middle of the week? Can I come only as an accompanying and participate in some activities?

NO, it is compulsory to arrive at the beginning of the course which starts on Wednesday June 7th. NO, you cannot come as an accompanying. If you are coming, you will have to participate with the others.


Can I have other evening activities by myself?

Yes you can leave after the classes are finished. You are free and can be with your friends or family and enjoy time with them.


What are the rules & regulations of the course?

You have to be at all activities and attend classes every day.

What is the purpose of this course?

This special course is a unique way to discover and “make the experience” of what your daughter has learned and lived during the whole year, and to offer you the opportunity to spend some moments with her here.

Can my younger daughter come with me to the course?

NO.  This course is for ladies and is a unique moment for you to spend with your daughter who has lived here.


Can a friend of mine come to the course with me?

NO, this special course is only for parents or family (grandmothers, aunt)


Can my daughter come with me to all the excursions during this week?

Your daughter can be with you during the moments when they don’t have classes or exams.


During the week can my daughter sleep with me in the hotel?

Not during their exams, but will have to pay an extra cost for their accommodation directly at the hotel.


After the closing ceremony of the Academy, can my daughter go with me?

Yes. She can´t sleep anymore in the Academy. Just stay in the Academy the girls whose parents did not come at the closing ceremony.


Will I receive a certificate after the course?

The ladies will receive a certificate at the end of the course.

What is the “dress-code” for this week?



What is the voltage in Switzerland?

Voltage in Switzerland is 240 V. American hair-dryers work if you bring the appropriate adapter for European countries.

What is the weather like in Switzerland during this time?

Please refer to this link: http://www.meteosuisse.admin.ch/web/it/meteo/previsione_dettagliato.html



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