Le Châtelard




Junior High School Annual Course 2018-2019


General notes

1. We highly recommend that our students do not bring more clothes than the ones listed, since they usually like to buy them here, as they are more adapted to the Swiss climate. Please be aware that your daughter’s wardrobe will be checked upon arrival.


2. During their stay at Le Châtelard our students are expected to dress in a refined way, always taking into consideration the styles and customs of European etiquette.


3. The clothes should fit your daughter in an elegant way: not too closely fitting nor too large. It is recommendable to buy them a little bit bigger since dryers usually make them shrink a little and your daughter may still be developing physically.


Laundry number

In order to have a more efficient laundry service, each student’s clothes should be marked with a laundry number. Your daughter’s number will be sent once she is accepted. Please bring extra labels for clothes bought while in Europe. 80, rte des Narcisses – 1833 Les Avants-sur-Montreux – Suisse Tél : +41 21 989 80 00 – Fax : +41 21 964 15 30 – Email : info@lechatelard.com



School days: Uniform (provided by the School)

Other items for the uniform

 2 pairs of navy blue moccasins

 2 pairs of tennis shoes

 10 pairs of white sport socks

 10 long navy blue socks (up to the knee)

 5 navy blue plain tights

 Navy blue or white ribbons



 Flat or casual shoes

 Tennis shoes

 Flip Flops

 Rain boots

 Casual boots


Savoir Vivre days:

 A total of 4 formal outfits, containing:

 Elegant trousers and blazers

 Elegant blouses and skirts


(no shorter than 4 cm up from the knee)

 Dresses

 Nylons (natural or solid colours)

 Heeled dress shoes (closed) according to their age


Ski season (can be bought in Switzerland)

 Ski suit (pants and jacket)

 Gloves

 Goggles

 Helmet (can be rented)


Outside school activities

A total of 10 outfits, containing:

 Pairs of pants

 Sweaters

 Coordinated blouses or shirts (no t-shirts)


(long-sleeved and short-sleeved)

 Jeans and jean jackets (not ripped or with holes) are allowed just on free times or nature outings.

 Thick leggings with seams only if worn with a long shirt.


Sport activities

 Summer Track-suits/sweatpants

 Sweatshirts

 T-shirts

 Sport lycra pant is just allowed for sport time


Other items

 Underwear

 Socks

 Thermal underwear

 Slippers

 4 pyjamas (2 for winter and 2 for spring)

 Gloves

 Scarves

 Raincoat or midseason jacket

 Winter overcoat

 Winter jacket

 Swimming suit (one piece)

 Backpack

 Small suitcase for short trips

 Bathrobe

 Complete set of toiletry

 4 laundry nets for underwear

 Hot water bottle (for stomach ache)

 Switzerland transformer, adaptor


Not permitted items during your stay at Le Châtelard

 Transparent clothing

 Miniskirts

 Mini-shorts

 Short shirts

 Deep v-necked blouses

 Blouses with thin straps or bare shoulders

 Thin leggings

 Leather clothing

 Tight clothing

 Clothing ripped or with holes (jeans)

 Clothing with back showing

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