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Today’s world calls for a type of woman who is committed to improving her social, cultural and professional environment.  This woman needs to be a leader, distinguished by her self-giving and capacity to guide others.  Such a woman will leave a deep mark in society through her work to bring about justice, peace, the common good and unity among men.

Today’s world searches for a type of woman who can be a model of an Integral Woman.  Such a woman’s leadership potential has been brought out and developed in its full richness, and thus extends to all aspects of the human person: human, social, intellectual, professional and spiritual.  

Le Châtelard aims at preparing this type of woman.  The goal of its well-grounded education is to provide young women with the means they need to become leading women of the present and future.



Le Châtelard seeks to cooperate with the parents in the integral formation of their daughter. Le Châtelard offers each student the practical techniques and the academic knowledge that she will need for her personal and professional future.

Le Châtelard aims at the personal improvement through a respectful discovery and a progressive development of the skills and talents of the students.

Le Châtelard offers each student the means to forge her character in the fundamental human and Christian values, according to each student’s potential and personal interests.

Essential aspects of the formation program at Le Châtelard:

  • Personal attention
  • Constant motivation
  • Kind and constant supervision



            Nestled between Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps, Switzerland is a perfect home for Le Châtelard. In the heart of Europe, Switzerland is a crossroad of various cultures and traditions. Because of its geographical location, and the stability of its institutions, Switzerland enjoys a safe and stable social atmosphere that has made it the site of many prestigious international educational centres.

            Le Châtelard was built as an elegant hotel for the European nobility. It has conserved its Belle Époque style. Surrounded by a beautiful park of 4 hectares, the building is in a valley, between the mountains and the lake, at an altitude of 1000 meters.

            The centre was equipped with modern facilities in 1992. There are living rooms, a cafeteria, a games room, dining rooms, a theatre and a chapel. Students are also provided with well-lit classrooms, a library, a computer room, pc systems for language learning, painting and ceramics workshops, and, cooking and photography.       

            Le Châtelard is also furnished with an aerobics gym, fitness centre, gymnasium and sauna. The school’s fields offer three tennis courts and a basketball court. Other sports facilities outside the school are available to our students.           

            The Academy is so much more than its physical appearance.  We invite you to consider our offerings to start discovering all you can look forward to at Le Châtelard.



 Our students follow a dynamic and demanding daily schedule. There is time for spiritual, intellectual, social and cultural development as well as recreation and rest. Our students look back with satisfaction at the rewards they gained from having met this daily challenge to better themselves. They will realize the value of investing the time and energy which is necessary to learn a new language, appreciate another culture, discover and develop personal talents and interests, and adopt habits of reflection and personal organization.  They open themselves to new horizons and develop their own sense of responsibility.  Striving for this is our goal.  We encourage each student to reach for the best in her life now and always.


            Le Châtelard’s Spiritual Formation Program allows the students to learn and deepen their Catholic faith. They are given the tools needed to form Christian habits and Christian sense of life. They know their faith, have strong truth convictions and try to be coherent with what they believe and know. They are thus always prepared and ready to transmit human values whenever they can. They strive to be authentic Christian women.

            Our model for the spiritual formation programme is a woman open to transcendent values.  She knows and practices her faith, is convinced about the truth and coherent with what she believes. She is always ready to dedicate time and energy to transmit authentic Christian values.

            Special activities are offered to the students during the year for their spiritual growth. As an expression of our family spirit we participate together at the Sunday mass every week.


            The woman who has been part of our human formation program is mature in the many different aspects of her personality. 

            She knows herself in a real, objective way, and, because she is able to accept herself, she can work to improve. She possesses great interior harmony having learnt how to correctly order her sensitive faculties, emotions, intelligence and will.  She is a healthy woman, both in body and spirit, loving sports and in peaceful contact with nature. 

            Distinguished, educated and refined in her behaviour, her external appearance reflects her interior human growth. She possesses an upright conscience which is always open to what is right and is capable of discerning right from wrong. Her firm character and decisive will are guided by her reason, which is clear in its objectives and decided in execution. 

            Her life is coherent with the values that she professes and she is responsible when fulfilling her commitments and duties. She is master of her own self, with clear objectives. She has a spirit of initiative and open horizons. She is practical, efficient and capable of influencing and winning others over by her conviction and enthusiasm.

            Young ladies who live the Le Châtelard experience leave with a realistic and positive self-image.  These students set long-term goals for their personal development, professional improvement and cultural enrichment:  goals which will enable them to incorporate self-formation and self-giving into their daily lives as an effective means to personal fulfilment and happiness.


            Through the “Social Formation Program”, we offer our students the high goal of a woman who is a leader through her personal self-giving.  She has an informed social consciousness and is concerned for those in need. She makes correct and balanced judgements about situations and people. 

            Her attitude of openness and constant self-giving to others is free of favouritism or discrimination. She is an active woman, capable of committing herself seriously to projects and activities which are dedicated to transforming the different aspects of society. She is ready to love, serve, show gratitude and collaborate with others. As she is an understanding and joyful woman, she is able to give her best to others and edify those who work and live around her.        

            She is courteous, knowing the habits and customs of the places she visits, and her refinement in social relations allows her to readily adapt to different situations.


            Our intellectual formation gives each student the opportunity to know her intellectual abilities so that she can fully develop them in her professional and personal life. We propose the ideal of a woman with a well formed mind.  This woman develops her intelligence by learning to structure it. She disciplines her thoughts and makes upright and prudent judgements.

            She values the different aspects of world culture: history, literature, art, music. Her open mind makes her enthusiastic about enriching herself and learning from every person she meets, every fact or experience. She is able to express herself in different languages, she is a woman with a message, communicating well and convincing others by her words and actions.

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