Le Châtelard



Verónica Canales   


Luly Fernández

Deputy Directress & High School Instructor  of Formation

Lety Guerra


Junior High School Instructor of Formation



Veronica Estebanez


High School Instructor of Formation

Maite Azcoytia


Junior High School Instructor of Formation



F.R. Fergus Christopher O’Carroll





Ivan Medina

Studies Director

Paola Garcia

Dean of Discipline HS

Cristina Fernandez


Dean of Discipline JHS


Rosa Peluso


Dean of discipline JHS


Paula Goncalves D'Almeida


Dean of Discipline JHS

Aurore Vuarand


Dean of discipline HS and Nurse






Anne-Frances Gaiani Allgayer


Human Resources and Business Manager




Samantha Broch-Compton


Executive Secretary


Ana Bonet

Responsable Students' Services


Jacqueline Tachet


Human Resources and Business Assistant

Yolanda Nuñez


Facilities Manager


Paola Reis


Secretary of Education


Marie-Claude Willemin-Crevoisier



Larissa Tetty

Administration assistant

Christine Menissier


French Teacher


Anne Lavanchy



Alexandra Rey


English teacher

Christelle Julien


Savoir Vivre Teacher




French Teacher

Sabine Arthurs


Sports teacher


Nicole Gabella

Floral Art


Optional course teacher

Ana María Mermod


Maths, Physics and

Chemistry teacher


Gaby Hardmeyer


Piano teacher

Optional courses teacher


Anne Kissling

Makeup teacher Optional Courses


David Rosset



Denis Foulcher


Chef and Cordon Bleu teacher

Acacio Rodrigues de Sa

Aide en Cuisine

Marco D'Angeli


Alonguka-Fifi Simon-Onsuna


General Service

Filomena Jorge Santos


Weekend House Service

Maria Helena Alvarinho


House Service


Maria Isabel Patricio


House Service 

Slaviça Mihajlovic



Antonia Alves Do Rio Lima


House Service

Adelino Serra Marques


Maintenance Service

Maria Isabel Almeida Costa Castanheira



Richard Tonizzo


Assistant to the Maintenance Service


Jorge Mota Da Silva

 Assistant to the Maintenance Service



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